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How To Be A Follower Of Christ
How To Be A Follower Of Christ

Lesson 1: The Great Deception (hearing/belief)

Lesson 2: Noah – Baptism by Water (hearing/belief)

Lesson 3: Abraham – The Promise (hearing/belief)

Lesson 4: Israelites – The Steadfast Love of God (hearing/belief)

Lesson 5: The Jordan – Part 1 (hearing/belief)

Lesson 6: The Jordan – Part 2 (hearing/belief)

Lesson 7: God’s Care for His Children (hearing/belief)

Lesson 8: David – More Than Conquerors! (hearing/belief)

Lesson 9: The Psalms (hearing/belief)

Lesson 10: God’s Promise Fulfilled (hearing/belief)

Lesson 11: The Truth Shall Set You Free (hearing/belief)

Lesson 12: Belief (confess) vs Faith (repent)

Lesson 13: In Christ Alone…What? (baptism/birth)

Lesson 14: Living the Dream!