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The answer to all other Biblical questions are based on this one fact: Our God is, was, and will ever be: He alone is God and His Word reflects His oneness, holiness, and righteousness. These are His qualities He has revealed to mankind. And, we must believe in them and base our understanding upon them - they are foundational. His Word is everlasting and truth! Our God is an Awesome God! Amen.

  • What is the Church and her purpose?

  • Can I be a stand-alone/individual Christian and not part of the Church?

Eph 4:1-16; Eph 4:17ff

  • What do we believe about the Bible?

  • Why baptism by immersion?

  • Why take the Lord’s Supper every week?

  • What can I expect during Bible classes?

  • What can I expect at the worship Assembly?

  • How do I follow Jesus, the Christ; (or, How do I become a new covenant follower?)