3530 Falling Springs Road Cahokia Heights, IL 62206
Devotionals and Studies

Daily Living 

Learn the life principles that are revealed to us by God in the Word; how Jesus responded to various incidents while here on earth; how to identify and recognize the difference between good and evil.

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For Women

A study and discussions on what it means to be a woman, a woman of God. There are weaknesses and there are strengths.
We will also discuss and learn about the true meaning of love: for your husband, your family, and yourself. Learn how your family responsibilities are unique to you and your husband.

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For Men

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Children's Corner

Teachings on the steadfast love of God starting with the Creation to learn that with God - all things are possible. We will talk about walking in the footprints of Jesus and how special children were to Jesus in teaching about the kingdom of God.

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handbooK For me

This is an exciting time in life! A time for change and to explore the depths and unity of my mind, spirit, and soul. The sky is the limit but...it's full of limits. I want to do and be but, don't know how. God knows you like the back of His hand - learn to let go and let God...

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how to be a follower of Christ

God's Word is meant to create just as He did when He created the heaven's and the earth and all that is in it. Today, He speaks a new creation out of each of us. The promise has been fulfilled - now the work needs to be completed.

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